Online Version released! Daily Challenges and Private lobbies

Gooday Gooday!

New Miner Meltdown update is live on the full version. Full patch notes below.


  • Daily challenges
  • Public / private lobbies
  • Ability to change room names
  • UI for locked items updated
  • Less Chests on the map

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed issue where tutorial map sometimes wouldn't load
  • Fixed issue where XP progress would be inconsistent.
  • Extended level cap to 20
  • Fixed Bug where "return to lobby" button was hidden if you are max level.
  • Updated default resolution for first-time players
  • Fixed bug where you sometimes can't start second game until leaving/ re-entering lobby

Hope all of you with the online version enjoy the update! Next features planned are weekly or monthly leaderboards (which will give special skins), and also some new unlockable weapons!

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Jun 08, 2017

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