Miner Meltdown Summer Kickoff Update ( + 40% off!!!

The Steam Summer Sale is here! Which means you can grab a copy of Miner Meltdown for 40% off!

To celebrate, We've packed a pile of new features into today's update. See the full patch notes below!


  • Molotov Cocktail weapon added.
  • Cluster Grenade weapon added.
  • Monthly Leaderboards.
  • "Leaderboard Miner" skin unlock for the top 10 monthly players.
  • Limited Edition "Beach Miner" skin for anyone who plays the game during the Steam Summer Sale.


  • Leaderboards show your rank and your friends rank even if outside the top 10.
  • Fix for secondary weapons occasionally get stuck in your hand.
  • Fix for your player's name is hidden behind "Boogy Miner's afro".
  • Fix for occasional invisible players.
  • Workaround for 4:3 resolutons can't access gadgets in shop.

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